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n in immunochemistry staining, even in the absence of rifampicin, most PXR protein was located in the nucleus (Figure 5), while in HepG2-Vector cells, PXR was evenly distributed within the cells (Figure 5). Upon rifampicin incubation, PXR translocated into the nucleus in both HepG2Vector and HepG2-PXR cells (Figure 5).DiscussionIn this study, we showed that rifampicin induced lipid accumulation i
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ponse in the presence of the drug. Data are expressed as the mean 6 standard deviation. Statistical significance was assessed using paired Student's t-tests, with P,0.05 considered significant.Light stimulationLight from a mercury arc lamp illuminated an aperture that was focused on the retina from above, through the 4X objective of the microscope. The image produced on the retina was either amGl
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